Classes are for everyone

We offer a variety of classes to give our students the best opportunity to achieve their goals. As we grow as a school we will be slowly adding classes.

Bang Muay Thai (BMT)

Bang Muay Thai kickboxing, is a striking system steeped in legacy and tradition. It is a combination of Dutch kickboxing and Muay Thai kickboxing, that has been perfected in some of the top competitions in the world. Our classes are not only a good workout but teach practical and beginner striking techniques that are applicable in self defense as well as in the ring. This system has a complete curriculum that students will work through during classes. At Copperhead our coaches work to create a strong foundation then build on that to create a well rounded athlete. BMT incorporates all aspects of striking, strike defense, combinations, movement, while also working on fitness through improving strength, speed, agility, mobility and coordination. Goals in our classes is to create a community through martial arts by ensuring we create a safe, fun, productive learning environment for each of our students.

Rules for class are:

  1. Show up on time
  2. Get tired
  3. Get better
  4. Take care of your partner

K.O. Cardio

K.O. Cardio is a full-body workout that incorporates punches, kicks, and exercises that help improve your cardiovascular health, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Jab, cross, sweat, repeat.

Kids Program

Discipline, Respect, Focus and Perseverance are core values emphasized in Martial Arts. These skills translate into various aspects of a child’s life helping them to navigate challenges with resilience.¬†