Why take kickboxing at Copperhead?

  • It is a high-intensity kickboxing class in Curtis Bay that can be used to supplement your existing workout routine or starts a new one. You will see improvements in body composition, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flexibility and stress relief.
  • The instructors have over 20 years of combat sports experience (15 years of coaching) and have trained with some of the top striking coaches and athletes from around the world.
  • Our systematic approach allows us to track your progress in order to build a complete understanding of all the aspects involved in the sport of kickboxing. It gives the students the comfort of knowing each class has a specific purpose.
  • You will build confidence knowing you are taking the steps to learn how to defend yourself if necessary.
  • Not everyone wants to be a fighter. You do not need to spar unless you want to. Sparring sessions will be scheduled separately from normal classes and open to intermediate and advanced students if/when the instructor observes the student is able to defend themselves intelligently AND has the control to protect their training partners.


Training Camp can take your current exercise routine to the next level or be the kick in the butt you need to get moving and get healthy. Training Camp is a strength and conditioning class that utilizes both scientific evidence and kickboxing specific drills to maximize the effectiveness of each workout. By making Training Camp part of your weekly exercise routine, you can expect improvements in all aspects of fitness including:

  • Cardiovascular/Muscular Endurance
  • Strength/Power
  • Speed/Agility
  • Flexibility/Mobility
  • Balance/Coordination.


  • Copperhead Kiddies
    A 30min class for children ages 5-8. It is our goal to instill the importance of respect and discipline while building confidence in learning the basics of kickboxing. This gives our students a productive outlet for all of their youthful energy without the burden of a long-term commitment.
  • Copperhead Kids
    A 50min class for children ages 9 and up where students will begin learning more advanced techniques while still focusing on our core values of respect and discipline. At this age we know we can make lasting improvements in both athletic development and self-confidence that will transfer into other aspects of their lives.


There are many reasons we believe it is important to have a fundamentals class:

  •  This is a great intro class for students who are new to kickboxing.
  •  It helps experienced kickboxers get introduced to the Copperhead Kickboxing training methodology.
  •  Having a time where the fundamentals are the main focus allows all participants to develop good habits and make those habits instinctual. Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent.


Would you like some one-on-one attention to improve your kickboxing skills? Would you rather work individually with one of our certified personal trainers on your health & fitness? We have multiple times and pricing options available. Contact us for more details.


An intense 30min, circuit style class utilizing heavy bag and mitt rounds to burn fat, build muscle and improve endurance.  It is also a fun, healthy way to relieve stress after a busy work day.

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Come in and join us for a class! We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your fitness. Let us show you what sets us apart from everyone else!
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