• Come to class with an empty cup. (Metaphorical, don’t bring us cups to class)
  • Get to class early, hands need to be wrapped before class.
  • Listen to all instruction and coaching.
  • When you arrive early please be respectful of the class in session. Do not go on the mat until the previous class is dismissed.
  • Introduce yourself to new students.
  • Protect your partners.
  • Be positive.
  • Make sure to clean up all your equipment and keep your equipment stored in designated areas.
  • If you sweat, bleed or cry on the mat or equipment, wipe it down.
  • No clothing with zippers
  • Athletic apparel, socks, and athletic shoes,
  • Loaner gloves are available
  • You can bring your own closed finger gloves
  • Shin guards are recommended for advanced techniques
  • Advanced techniques requiring shin guards will only be taught to those with proper equipment.
  • Appropriate clothes and shirts must be worn at all times
  • Shower available for members
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